Scope of membership

Institutions wishing to become members of the Advent Care Europe Network must be implanted within the European territories of the 3 Adventist European divisions: Trans-European Division, Euro-Asia Division, Inter-European Division.

By Adventist’s healthcare institutions we mean any institution who’s governing bodies has at least 1 member currently representing a church organization at the Division, Union or Conference level.

Furthermore, a healthcare institution is defined as an institution providing physical, mental, social and spiritual health / healing and well-being. In as much, to become a member of the Advent Care Network, such healthcare institutions will provide medical or paramedical services required in order to operate a hospital, clinic, rehabilitation center, retirement home and lifestyle center. The institution will also have within its organizational structure an appointed physician.

Individuals concerned in participating in the network are professionals, leaders of the institution represented and/or doctors. Therefore the participants in this network would be the General Managers/Directors (CEO’s), Deputy/Assistant directors, Healthcare Directors or Appointed Physician (CMO’s) whose core business is to manage and govern their respective institution. Chairmen and Board members may be invited as guests. However, it is the institutions who are members, they are represented by their leaders.

All other institutions or organizations who may not meet these requirements may be invited as guests without membership status.

Actual Advent-Care members