We know that this matter could make the difference between participate or not. So we are making a huge effort to reduce costs as much as we can and we are trying to do the best deals with the hotel to have a very special price. The only costs participants have to afford are: travel and hotel, the rest of the costs are on the host, such as: restaurants and meals, transportation from the airports or railway stations, transportations from the hotel to the institution, material, organizational cost, etc.

Hotel Information
For this event, ADVENT care organization team proposes the following hotel: Grand Hotel Forli. ( The administration of the hotel is making a special price for the ADVENT CARE members:

Thursday – Friday:

Single Room: ≈ 125 euro, Double Room: ≈ 148 euro


Friday – Saturday

Single Room: ≈ 170 euro, Double Room: ≈ 190 euro


Saturday – Sunday

Single Room: ≈ 170 euro, Double Room: ≈ 190 euro